Solar lighting systems

They are poles lit at night by batteries that are charged by solar energy cells during the day, as these systems operate in places far from electrical sources.
As for the advantages of using this energy in street lighting, they are:

  • Reducing interlocking wires.
  • No effect of power cuts on street lighting.
  • No monthly electric bills.

On Grid Solar Power Stations

It is a solar system that generates electricity only when it is connected to the government electricity grid.

Where the energy generated from the panels is fed directly to the public electricity network and from there to the electrical loads through a current transformer or inverter without the need for batteries, which reduces the costs of the station.

It is a successful investment project when the station is connected to the electricity grid and the surplus energy generated from photovoltaic cells is sold to the national electricity distribution companies under long-term contracts of up to 25 years.


Off Grid Solar Power Stations

They are independent stations from the electricity network in which the solar system must be 100% dependent on providing all the electricity needs throughout the day, taking into account the weather conditions during the year, as the electrical energy generated from the solar panels is stored in dedicated batteries for this and the electricity is consumed from it during the night . And it is used in remote and remote places from the electricity grid.

Solar water pump stations

Solar pumps work on electricity generated by photovoltaic panels emitted from sunlight instead of the electric grid or diesel. The Egyptian market has shown a great demand for this economic system, which does not need storage batteries.

Many customers are hesitant to use solar energy to power their water pumps due to the high initial cost. To them, we present this study that shows how solar energy in many cases is the most efficient and economically available option.

Comparison between diesel generators and solar energy system:

System type Diesel generators Solar energy system
The cost The initial cost is lower, but the cost in the long run is very high due to the fuel consumption Initial is higher, but the cost in the long run is very low compared to diesel generators
Maintenance It requires regular maintenance such as lubrication of parts and replacement of moving parts It does not require periodic maintenance as there are no mechanical parts
Pollution Noisy, smoke and greasy residues are released which are harmful to the environment Soundless, eco-friendly
Efficiency Consumes large amount of fuel and produces constant power regardless of load consumption All the energy produced is directly used
Price per kWh Increased fuel prices Free in a little while
Fuel cost The fuel is required to be transported to the site and manually entered into the fuel tank No fuel cost and it runs automatically at all times the sun is shining
Runtime It must be refueled before it can be used It works almost immediately
The life span 8 - 10 years 20 - 25 years

The current and future problems of using a diesel generator to operate irrigation pumps:

  • The increase in the price of diesel and the difficulty of obtaining it in times of crisis.
  • The long distance and the difficulty of transporting diesel in jerry cans and barrels from the nearest gas station to the place of land.
  • The slightest mistake in transporting the diesel, and the presence of dirt and impurities in the diesel, may lead to the pump malfunctioning and the overhaul of the diesel pump.
  • In the case of activating the diesel card system, subsidized diesel is sold only to registered land owners (the owners of usufruct right will not be covered by the subsidy).
  • Subsidized diesel is sold to registered landowners with a maximum of 20 liters per acre per month, which represents a minimum of one-third of the acre's need.
  • Do not operate the generator during high temperatures to maintain it.
  • The generator may not work in the morning in winter (low temperatures).

Final conclusion:

  • The initial cost of a diesel generator is the lowest, but it is not the best in the long run.
  • The cost of using a diesel generator exceeds the cost of using solar energy in the third year of operation.
  • After using 25 years, you will have paid a total cost of 6 times more than the cost of using solar energy.


Solar Heaters

They are cells that work on sunlight and not sunlight, which makes them reach the water temperature to the highest degrees in the most cloudy days of winter and in the rain and even in the event of snow, with the ability to provide hot water throughout the night, regardless of the degree of cold in the winter for a period of 14 hours. Using an insulating layer.

This hot water can be used for bathing, swimming pools heating, solar heating, or even solar cooling and air conditioning. They are poles lit at night by batteries that are charged by solar energy cells during the day, as these systems operate in places far from electrical sources.

Central Heating systems

 It's a system consist of a central boiler deliver hot water in pipes to the source of heating on the rooms,  there are two sources of heating one of them is an aluminum radiator and the other is underfloor heating.

    So the main component of the central heating systems are:

  •   Boiler 
  •   piping network
  •   Heat source ( Radiator or underfloor heating)

  What are the benefits of central heating?

  • Your home will be separated from the outside temperature and warm enough to wear summer    clothes.
  • A constant temperature in each zone of your apartment so your health will be kept safe. 
  • Low running cost because the gas consumption is lower by 5 times than electrical 
  • consumption.
  • Long time guarantee