About Company

About Us

Power capital for general supplies and renewable energy was established in 2020 and gained preference and distinction between companies and the testimony of banks and financial companies and the integrity of dealing with the whole and customer trust as well as the company was classified in the central tenders committee to enter the field of government projects .

      We have many contracts concluded between the government sector and eligibility with the company and has specialized since its start in the work of various contracting and all trade business such as construction work and finishing work and all electrical and mechanical work such as plumbing and other work related to the field of general contracting


We look forward to expanding the future advanced business with the vision of the state (2035) that seeks to implement technology and alternative energy friendly to the environment and implement smart ideas in the participation of successful companies in order to reach our company to a global level in providing services with the highest quality and professionalism.

And  to be one of the best companies in the Middle East in the field of renewable energy technology that offers its customers advanced and practical solutions that are applicable, and to be the first choice for investors looking for quality and honesty together in the field of renewable energy so that our services are always above the expectations of our customers and we seek to achieve This is done with the best professional competencies and the latest scientific methods and tools.


We seek to have a clear role and imprint in the success, development and development of renewable energy systems and to be a leading company in this field and to provide a high level of services and products according to quality standards. We are also keen to satisfy our customers and are characterized by providing the following:

  • The company owns a group of technical expertise in the field of solar energy.
  • Integrated engineering design for all applications in the field of solar energy according to standard specifications.
  • Supply and installation of solar power stations for all applications.
  • Distinguished after-sales services (maintenance - technical support - training).
  • We provide our clients with integrated services from engineering designs, sale, supply, installation and maintenance.

Principles and goals

  • Contribute to the dissemination of the culture of alternative, renewable and environmentally friendly energy technology.
  • Commitment to the highest levels of quality and honesty in providing our advisory services to our clients.
  • We seek to build and maintain strong professional and personal relationships with our clients and gain their trust and satisfaction.
  • Continuous development and the search for everything new appropriate to the nature of our business, our customers and the markets in which we operate.
  • We use the best professional competencies and modern scientific methods in providing our consulting services.
  • Providing periodic maintenance on stations and after-sales service.

About Solar Energy

Solar energy is one of the renewable energy sources; Where it is available every day in different parts of the world, and solar energy does not run out, unlike some other energy sources, and humans can benefit from solar energy for at least 5 billion years; That is, until the end of the remaining life of the sun, as determined by scientists.

 It is also considered a way to reduce energy bills, as a person can replace the energy sources he uses with solar energy generated by the solar system he uses, so the value of saving energy bills will depend on the amount of electricity and heating used, in addition to the size of the existing solar system, the larger its size, the less need to use Other energy sources and lower bills.


Egypt is located in the heart of the global solar belt, where it is characterized by its bright sun throughout the year, and thus it is one of the richest countries in the world with solar energy, which places it in the priority of countries to use the sun to generate energy.

The country receives from scattered solar radiation about two kilowatt hours per square meter per day, and this represents 40% of the value of radiation that the country obtains from the value of total solar energy.